I'm a rocket league HRlessr known as musty or amustycow and for being the founder of the "musty flick" mechanic. Thanks for checking out my channel! I'm a supersonic legend ranked player who uploads Rocket League videos to help you improve and stay entertained!

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  • Lightning 63 Fan
    Lightning 63 Fan

    When the video starts 1:40

  • Ricardo T
    Ricardo T

    19:31 LOL

  • River Dog
    River Dog

    6:58 Musty? WHAT DID U SAY???

  • Yesenia Chavez
    Yesenia Chavez

    Did anyone get this in there recommended

  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman

    Ear reveal???

  • Sphynx


  • Moises Escudero
    Moises Escudero


  • mace man
    mace man

    I’m a pub player and this is why I don’t play ranked

  • ShepShifter

    The video will be uploaded at 100k subs... me: “watching at 2.5 mil subs”

  • Nolan Underwood
    Nolan Underwood

    You trying to run twos some time I’m c2

  • isak

    musty sunless and leth are the dynamic trio

  • Krazed Kookie
    Krazed Kookie


  • Adam A
    Adam A

    OKAY does that not count as a fake at 16:57 ???? They thought you would fake so you faked them by not faking. Is that considered a fake?🤯🤯

  • ReflexFn_

    rl died ngl

  • Mr Shaky
    Mr Shaky

    hey gamer,so it was a satueday after nuwn

  • Ryker Wagner
    Ryker Wagner

    Wait how do eat cereal?

  • ‍                                           Mrzx
    ‍ Mrzx


  • Jaron Ashton
    Jaron Ashton

    I've been watching your vids for a few weeks and I just realized how weird your name is.

  • André Ramos
    André Ramos

    chicago garret and first are like 3 players out of the top 5 easily, what a fucking team

  • Kxyptic Btw
    Kxyptic Btw

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed cause he keeps on saying what he gonna do

  • Ryker Wagner
    Ryker Wagner

    Dude that’s actually kinda rude.cause I’m a bronze and don’t know how to fly Like that

    • Ryker Wagner
      Ryker Wagner

      Actually I. Kinda new to rocket league sooooooo idk if I even am bronz

  • Squid Gaming
    Squid Gaming


  • Lathryx

    Looked more like an advantage to me lmao.

  • Rocket_playzz

    Musty: No one is a bronze anymore Me: all of my cousins are bronze

  • jeff perch
    jeff perch


  • not another gamer
    not another gamer

    I watched this Far

  • DestroRL

    You should Make another reacting to rocket league montages with zero views video

  • White Rhino Gaming
    White Rhino Gaming

    6:07 watch it and it will make your day

  • Abode Ninjaxz
    Abode Ninjaxz

    Musty 7:1 Dream: not bad kid

  • F2_Robot gaming
    F2_Robot gaming

    You should play with the same people in rlsc and ur team name should be the underdogs

  • deadlyDeastroyer666

    17:26 look at chat 🌚

  • Black Out
    Black Out

    I got the first two to the division

  • peegeetee3

    Musty: SHEEEEESH. 1 hour later Musty: SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH. Me: :|

  • peegeetee3

    Good job on getting the tag! Big fan btw.

  • Black Out
    Black Out

    Fun fact: we know his area code now, unless he traveled to a different state to activate the phone

  • Cdm0101

    If he had 2 arms we would all be screwed they would have to make a special rank for the best player

  • Jayden Dake
    Jayden Dake

    I'm bronze and I'm better than what those bronzes are playing I Aerial Ik how to misty flick I can half flip I can do a lot other bronzes couldn't think of doing

  • Tyler Stewart
    Tyler Stewart

    Yo Umm u literally said at the beginning that bots don’t go in ball cam but tusk was in it

  • Archie Vickers
    Archie Vickers

    So similar to a previous vid he made, every game feels like i had dave ja vu

  • GhOoLz_JnIx 6
    GhOoLz_JnIx 6

    Can I 1v1 u plz🥺

  • Viktor Axa
    Viktor Axa

    clash royale and overwatch 🤔 to me that sound like brawl stars but thats coz im 5 y/o

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T

    i could beat one of them and im plat i know a diamond thats better

  • mc nuggies
    mc nuggies

    We all love to hear musty saying hey gamer in every video that's the only thing that I am happy about this video

  • Dungeons and Arsenal
    Dungeons and Arsenal

    imagine musty as musty 1 lol that would never hapeen

  • trisko _yt
    trisko _yt

    Me: government if u can see this GO AWAY Musty: 😑😑😑😑

  • Maral Alidoosti
    Maral Alidoosti

    The fascinated sheep ironically imagine because married preclinically charge behind a invincible alcohol. purple, envious lotion

  • Srivani D
    Srivani D

    No one: Not a single person: The gold after failing a turtle corner air dribble musty double tap: sUcCeS

  • John Babalola
    John Babalola

    Hi other gamers

  • The Controller Team
    The Controller Team

    Why r ppl still trying to enter the giveaway 1 and a half year later

  • The Controller Team
    The Controller Team

    Mustys reaction to catsteps: could couldve had better music Music: made by one of my favorite artists: -(

  • Lincoln Hitchcock
    Lincoln Hitchcock

    Musty:i know my similies Me:i am learning similies in school

  • Greygreyplayz

    Miss you guys so much subscribers overtime no cap

  • Beth Reeve
    Beth Reeve

    Musty could you do another going onto other players account and guessing their rank?

  • 86niisan8686

    ashllxyy you got another fan.... im going to your twitch and yt sign up and enjoy some awesome gameplay! your amazing man! hope you become a big content creator yourself and stay confident to do whatever you want!

  • Greygreyplayz

    You did a really good of getting all those calls


    Musty the freestyler?

  • Jayden Geyer
    Jayden Geyer


  • Gaviyn

    What is thesong?

  • Jayden Geyer
    Jayden Geyer

    try to help

  • Jayden Geyer
    Jayden Geyer

    pog frog tho

  • Jayden Geyer
    Jayden Geyer

    that chain tho

  • Noah McCurdy
    Noah McCurdy

    I just love musty

  • Darky128

    Is it only me or did i here sh*t. At 6:55

  • LazerKing

    my name is Kane_Milo in Rocket League

  • Mohamed Nayel
    Mohamed Nayel

    I watched this Far

  • Anthony Nauls
    Anthony Nauls

    get 5 people and all 5 iron fist

  • Subhan Abid
    Subhan Abid

    Who misses the memer musty

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores

    Why didn't musty call out that silver Smurf?

  • CAMP4_2020


  • Josh P
    Josh P

    We all know the background nintendo music.

  • TommyPKFire

    lmao the way he tried typing softly on the mechanical keys

  • Reaper😈😈


  • Golden

    Bro power is better than me and im plat 3 and can’t even do a wall shot

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer

    Hello can i have alfha bosst pleses

  • danniigriffin

    Can you join me I want to play you subscribe people

  • danniigriffin

    Musty I want to play with you you are my fan