1 Supersonic Legend vs 2 Grand Champs (feat. Jon Sandman & Athena)
In today's Rocket League video, I challenged @Jon Sandman \u0026 @Athena to 2v1. 2 Grand champs take on 1 Supersonic Legend in a best of 3 Rocket League showmatch!

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// Watch the 7 bronze vs 1 grand champ match: hrless.info/window/video/nIGemoWJ2qS8aKE.html

// Watch the 7 bronze vs 1 grand champ rematch with normal boost: hrless.info/window/video/0GaUs6-l3ty9Zqk.html

// Watch the 4 upside down grand champs vs 1 bronze match:

// Watch the 7 gold vs 1 grand champ match: hrless.info/window/video/sG17vImasJCxbaU.html

// Watch the 6 diamonds vs 2 grand champs match:

// Watch the 7 diamonds without boost vs 1 grand champ match: hrless.info/window/video/u5V6t3aFz5jcoYs.html

// Watch the 7 upside down grand champs vs a bronze match:

// Watch the 7 silvers vs 1 grand champ match:

// Watch the 3 diamonds vs 1 grand champ match:

// Watch the 1 bronze with spikes vs grand champ match:

// Watch the 5 platinum vs 1 grand champ match:

// Watch the 7 golds vs 1 supersonic legend match:

// Watch the 2 upside down supersonic legends vs 1 gold match:

Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com

Edited by kdence. twitter.com/thekdence

  • amustycow

    2 hey gamers in 1 video 😳

    • Bálint Horváth
      Bálint Horváth


    • Ultmate Gaming Warrior
      Ultmate Gaming Warrior


    • BrayPlayz


    • Smokzzz

      @Trxth2be where you tho

    • The Name’s James, Bond James
      The Name’s James, Bond James

      3, actually

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T

    i could beat one of them and im plat i know a diamond thats better

  • Seth o'brien
    Seth o'brien

    turn off cam

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali


  • Berre Devriese
    Berre Devriese

    Musty is to slow

  • Clara Reed
    Clara Reed

    The curvy digestion externally stretch because agenda physiologically mark towards a powerful carp. abandoned, swift canvas

  • _PapaSparta_ -TXC-
    _PapaSparta_ -TXC-


  • Senne Vercammen
    Senne Vercammen

    Atena is playing gayer then james charles

  • JustJustio Gaming
    JustJustio Gaming

    The damp yew usually end because caterpillar wessely knit beneath a tart veterinarian. historical, fancy cormorant

  • Lucas Machado Menezes
    Lucas Machado Menezes

    os cara e muito ruim

  • Clara Reed
    Clara Reed

    The helpless toad advisably communicate because suede angiographically decorate outside a super conga. wasteful, terrible man

  • allthingsmayramora

    Can you show your house every plane comes always wants to come and see you are you like you’re my favorite mustang can you make your mommy and me and tell me to say my name he needs a name for work and you can about the 21 day I’m naked and I hope you can tell Chad Johnson man in yeah

  • ZZZombified

    When John gives a nice one Athena like “ WHY DID YOU GIVE HIM A NICE ONE WE ARE AGAINST HIM”

  • Clipsahoy 2021
    Clipsahoy 2021

    7:11 bro that made me laugh

  • Marco

    Sorry but i hate athena

  • Kevin Alvarado-Mendez
    Kevin Alvarado-Mendez

    athena sucks she thinks she’s so good

  • Kingsly Gluc
    Kingsly Gluc

    The cagey pentagon microregionally joke because fish nally tow lest a sticky scent. unruly, untidy actor

  • Manon Vandecasteele
    Manon Vandecasteele

    am i the only one who thinks his voice looks like the voice of ninja

  • Harry Bailey
    Harry Bailey

    Lol 😂 Athena was crazy

  • Brandon Hagler
    Brandon Hagler

    both are gc with good tm8s, with each other they are diamond

  • Krish Maraj
    Krish Maraj

    The real questions are who would win in a 1v1 with each of them against musty now. and both of them Vs musty now

  • Pp Lol
    Pp Lol

    Jon rockin the Battle Bus Lets Go.

  • Vorkzy

    If they were grand champ I thought I’d be seeing air dribbles but there doing simple aerials and missing (not being rude)

  • Cobra-Kai-Edits

    They missed the most simple aerials.... lol. GC 2 not buying it lol.

  • Kevin Mapp
    Kevin Mapp

    Yeah you always miss Athena but sorry

  • Kevin Mapp
    Kevin Mapp

    That is the correct title

  • Kevin Mapp
    Kevin Mapp

    2hey mustard flick

  • Zsomborツ

    i hate athena

  • Dante Rodriguez
    Dante Rodriguez

    These guys are plats not gc

    • lolkillerman123

      That’s why they beat him twice

  • monkeyjrrr

    Johnsandman and Athena are like the worst gc I have ever seen you are so bad that's why you challenged them

  • Jaivardhan

    Musty - talking about what his next play is MEANWHILE * athena and jon fighting and celebrating*

  • Superhuman04 Lol
    Superhuman04 Lol

    Image having to bump in a 2v1

  • hipaa desuu
    hipaa desuu

    The roasted pentagon postsurgically blind because paperback constitutively type opposite a abject north korea. nauseating, cooing stretch

  • Francesco Palazzo
    Francesco Palazzo

    hey gamer.

  • Keegan Dowling
    Keegan Dowling

    The editing at 5:05 is just to clean. Give the editor a raise.

    • lolkillerman123

      Musty is giving a raise to himself then

  • Cawley

    They are not gc’s maybe gold even though they play every day, they only get carried

  • 1kiloMilo_YT

    thats grandchamps xDDDD i thought they were better

  • Sentinel Sales
    Sentinel Sales

    I’m silver lll and silver ll in ones and twos and I hit air dribbles am I good musty?? But now I’m gold l in 1s

  • Adrian Plays
    Adrian Plays


  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse

    In the first game I think Athena and Jon are against each other

  • sparkpug_d

    I just got a question how are they gc?

  • Edvin Piróth
    Edvin Piróth

    Enemy is not gc

  • Riley Dan Nordhoff
    Riley Dan Nordhoff

    Nice shot Sonic legend

  • Connor Harris
    Connor Harris

    hey gamer

  • zohebkhan11

    U should do 1 ssl vs 1gc and 1 dimond

  • Epic1 Gamer
    Epic1 Gamer

    John ain’t got the mechanics

  • Medhansh Bahadur Pantha
    Medhansh Bahadur Pantha


  • Asher Goodlett
    Asher Goodlett

    There getting excited about ariels I can make I’m gold 3

  • roxxie

    3:55 God dick?

  • Algot Zetterlund
    Algot Zetterlund

    U should say call me justin cuz i was just in ur mom

  • ArmouredBacon Bekon
    ArmouredBacon Bekon

    1 Supersonic Legend vs 1 Diamond and 1 Plat

  • samer sh
    samer sh

    I like how Athena and jonsandman are fighting in the whole vid 😂

  • Ariea Ilezion
    Ariea Ilezion

    you played too safe :(

  • Sam Vasandani
    Sam Vasandani

    11:20 “something was going on with u what did u turn off” I bet $100 that arsenal would have said “my monitor”

  • Calen Gray
    Calen Gray

    Athena is such a cry baby

  • BaconOverlord Man
    BaconOverlord Man

    I liked when jon went Aaaaaa

  • QuickScope Noob
    QuickScope Noob

    I hate this because of them bumping it just pisses me off

  • Imbra60rah

    Hi Khalid do frestil

  • King Dassherr
    King Dassherr

    Athena and John’s chemistry though. They should do more vids together

  • Grady Higgins
    Grady Higgins

    yo this kid is making percentges

  • Geriniho Nunes
    Geriniho Nunes

    1:12 " 75 out of 10 matches played"

  • Chillyboi

    How about Justin vs John and Athena

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah

    JON SANDMAN looks lie a wilder version of SUNLESS KHAN

  • Joshua Sotelo
    Joshua Sotelo

    Can I 1v1 u?

  • offline_umlaut

    Bruh are those really gcs??? Then am supposed to be something above ssl btw am plat lolll

  • Augster17

    So musty pretty much lost to 2 diamonds on gc accounts

  • Swazzo

    Athena = gold

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones

    When he said there grand champions😂😂😂😂😂STOP THE CAP 😂😂😂😂😂 STOP THE CAP RIGHT NOW STOP CAP😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!

  • Noah Titans
    Noah Titans

    Musty your hair looked insane in this video love your vids musty

  • A Log
    A Log

    John was me when I was 5 playing monopoly with my family. 8:00

  • Zabi

    how do i missed this video this video is a gem

  • True Talk
    True Talk

    Hate when ppl brag when they are 2 vs 1 advantage he’s solo don’t celebrate that

  • Tony Run
    Tony Run

    I love the amount of rage in not even 1 min in Athena's eyes LMFAO

  • Paul Chapman
    Paul Chapman

    Hey Gamer

  • MrHoneyDude

    Girls when their boyfriend cheated on them: 8:03

  • Branden Aviles
    Branden Aviles

    Musty was close

  • Logan Gross
    Logan Gross

    i like how musty hates milk bu his name a COWWWWWWWWWWWW????????

  • Medina Senia
    Medina Senia

    You can talk to message

  • Medina Senia
    Medina Senia

    Musty can you be friends with me call me on my phone

  • Medina Senia
    Medina Senia


  • Authentic boi
    Authentic boi

    the ankle breaking sound almost made me spit out my frosted flakes

  • EliteHitmarkers

    Love JonSandman reactions 8:02

  • Jaivardhan

    I dont like the fact that people are hating on jon and athena, theyre all friends it was a dfun and friendly match. Yall dont need to hate on them just because they bumped him alot

  • E.L.I.R.E.M.A.G

    This is way harder than ssl because two gc’s is more than a rank than ssl so 2 plats is an same thing.

  • melodie smith
    melodie smith

    The unequaled lightning timely escape because season ecologically decorate than a idiotic maple. violet, deadpan freon

  • Promise Haze
    Promise Haze

    Let’s be honest. They should be like diamond

  • iCeYfRoG 53
    iCeYfRoG 53

    John straight outta the tutorial🥶

  • Om Gadekar
    Om Gadekar

    5:06 lol😂😂😂

  • Mafia

    1 gc vs 2 plats

  • sshowerss

    nice, lets go

  • MasterMikeGr 2
    MasterMikeGr 2

    You rarely do videos with face reveal

  • AQua HaZe
    AQua HaZe

    I feel like Athena would beat her boyfriend

  • Ony Leon
    Ony Leon


  • John David Szymanski
    John David Szymanski

    i dont understand how people still think they are GC! love their content tho...

  • J4NN1K _
    J4NN1K _

    Imagine Athena is gc, shes playing like diamond

  • Liam Tan
    Liam Tan

    3:07 did anyone else notice when he demoed Athena there was he bat symbol cause Athena was using the bat mobile

  • Christian Murgo
    Christian Murgo

    atheNA Like a champ 2/3 no a grand champ

  • selectedgamer1

    How can jon be gc when he is that bad

  • RavelRL

    They're both decent players -Musty

  • toprak robben
    toprak robben

    hey why you dont playing freeplay