How I tricked my opponent into giving me a FREE WIN in Rocket League | SSL 1v1 Ep. 34
In today's Rocket League video, I record episode 34 of Supersonic Legend ranked 1v1's. I didn't play my best during the video, but in game 3, something very funny happens that got me a free goal which resulted in a win. The goal of this series is to help you guys improve in Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can apply some of that information from a supersonic legend 1v1 player to your own game and rank up. Enjoy!

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7 vs 1 against the Sidemen:
Last opponent:

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  • Leza Wells
    Leza Wells

    Grand champ⚽️🚗🎮

  • Leza Wells
    Leza Wells

    I can smell mustard AK ps Charlie Wells I’m level 176

  • Tazer 28
    Tazer 28

    The way he say boost is soooooo funny 😂😂😂😂 “ booose”

  • YT_living-leaflet

    Can I 1v1u

  • Duke Playz
    Duke Playz

    U should have said Ibrahimovic when u scored

  • Astro Wrld
    Astro Wrld

    Bro shyvays playstyle is annoying af idk why lol

  • CobyTron

    14:10 “What a save!” Lmao XD

  • EyesellSCOUT

    Streamer: Yells Musty: Seems like a chill dude

  • Jamarcus

    19:50 i can smell the mustard

  • Eternal Zen
    Eternal Zen

    Musty more like Rusty (lol)

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    KJ Corn

    musty is the best

  • KJ Corn
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  • arsenic.

    What is mmr?

  • BallisticBombYT

    NRG on top

  • NoahsNoah Child
    NoahsNoah Child

    21:34 musty is actually a cow?????!!!!!

  • Connor mac1210
    Connor mac1210

    musty in this video : its gonna be all over the newspaper if i get mustard on Also musty in previous vides : *gets musty flicked*

  • Yahya Ali
    Yahya Ali

    Musty i feel like challenging you, even though your too strong i wanna see your youtube video that includes me! will you?

  • Jacob Coutts
    Jacob Coutts

    You are so op musty

  • FarGuy26

    People: trying to sweat and rank up in the highest rank of a competitive game. Musty: “But if you close your eyes”

  • Tyler Zakala
    Tyler Zakala

    "let him shoot"

  • LovrouX

    What's Musty's camera settings?

  • Akshit Makkar
    Akshit Makkar


  • Memes


  • SZDnoah

    what is the name of the banner that the 2nd oponnent used

  • Golden eagle Pineapple
    Golden eagle Pineapple


  • Brody Hirst
    Brody Hirst

    you should challenge abitfast thats not me i promise

  • crystal thom
    crystal thom

    Hi amustycow your vids are the best and thank you for making these vids amustycow 1v1 me I dear your 😈😈 I best hacker ever 😂 just joking around but......... 1v1 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Emery
    Tyler Emery

    Did he switch to kbm or something?? What's up with the clicks

  • Shaurya Khimji
    Shaurya Khimji

    Your the best

  • Mr Cozy_Kyle
    Mr Cozy_Kyle

    May I just say that the frame rate is amazing great work keep it up 👍

  • Timothy Garcia
    Timothy Garcia

    It was nice to see his first opponents ego get destroyed lmao

  • Abdalla Bassyouni
    Abdalla Bassyouni

    Don’t say negative words about yourself fr it’ll only put u down stay strong 💪

  • Charlie chops 1234
    Charlie chops 1234

    Great vid

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    Nerf Gang

    Pin this

  • Kosikan Subash
    Kosikan Subash

    what boost is musty using?

  • Ingo Disco
    Ingo Disco

    Bro he can type im streaming with his eyes closed

  • chiefsthebeast 9
    chiefsthebeast 9

    His worst =my best

  • Ceyon Scott
    Ceyon Scott

    musty how are you so good at rocket league

  • Gerelt Od
    Gerelt Od

    Musty you are dare Good

  • Gerelt Od
    Gerelt Od

    I'm 9 is old now

  • Gerelt Od
    Gerelt Od

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    Gerelt Od

    Are you der

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    Gerelt Od

    Musty hello

  • Stacie Moses
    Stacie Moses

    How do you get the yellow in the nrg decal

  • Денис Шило
    Денис Шило

    But if you close your eyes....

  • Priqz

    How did he get that Goal animation?


    7:48 mans said he’s bad for losing to musty the disrespect , this dude is a actual Pro at the game and a ssl

  • Tyler Langlois
    Tyler Langlois

    You said you were going to make people close there eyes :(

  • Adil Aledresse
    Adil Aledresse

    musty you got better. I remember a year ago ur not that good how did you get better

  • Cristian Troiani
    Cristian Troiani

    musty helps me so much while doing my hw with his good vibes

  • Nicolò Legrottaglie
    Nicolò Legrottaglie

    What's the game of this explosion

  • Synx

    I hate those people on tiktok that are like champ 1 and say they're good but also say that musty is trash. Like bro, he got a higher rank than them. Of course he isn't the best player but that doesn't mean that he's bad


    when is the next episode for 1's until i lose

  • Farzad Jamshidi
    Farzad Jamshidi

    19:50 ayy yoooo

  • Riptide Ross
    Riptide Ross

    thats so funny he actually did that lol

  • like living stones
    like living stones

    4:32 Nobody: Musty: boossss

  • No Real Comp
    No Real Comp

    Title: “How i tricked my opponent into getting me a free win” Him: “My dad died” Opponent: *Forfeits*

  • Gavin Kuzelka
    Gavin Kuzelka

    Show him who’s alpha

  • Gavin Kuzelka
    Gavin Kuzelka

    My guy is so white

  • Kenlie Emerson
    Kenlie Emerson

    I love the content keep it up bro

  • Xia Ji
    Xia Ji

    Hi Musty big fan bro

  • wavzey_fn

    gg bro that was fun 6-5 close

  • LightningLuuk _
    LightningLuuk _

    Hi wyatt have a good day😔

  • Peter and Julia
    Peter and Julia

    My teammates are holding me back. im gold in 2v2 and 1v1 and in 3v3 im silver when I got the ball in position and my teammates do a own goal. I think I should be in plat 1. My teammates keep passing it it to the other team and they score. When I'm not there they always miss easy shots

  • Belinda Whineray
    Belinda Whineray

    you have to not jump

  • Island Rocket League
    Island Rocket League

    You tried to musty flick the mustard man...

  • laura paap
    laura paap

    I'm level 26and i get one time no bounds and fly into the goal

  • Liinty

    could anyone tell me musty's camera settings cause i cant find a vid of his settings and i canr use discord

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller

    This is how many times Musty said perhaps 👇

  • nevo ben zaken
    nevo ben zaken

    If this is the thought process that an ssl goes through I’d rather stay stuck in diamond

  • AliSoniQ

    Clickbait :/

  • Death Hanny
    Death Hanny

    21:34 😳😳😳

  • garcello

    What ur rocket League boost

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  • Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος
    Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος

    Κανένας ελλινασ

  • Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος
    Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος

    The best youtuber and rocket league player =musty

  • Shayaz Attari
    Shayaz Attari

    Musty created the musty flick and Arsenal does it better than musty 🤩 WOW like if u agree

  • Ahmed Berkane
    Ahmed Berkane

    Musty:Ibrahimovic Me:does musty mean Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

  • Huntshyper21

    Its lets him say wtf when he type but when i type wtf it never appears on chat it beeps it out? Weird. Great reaction there towards the end 3rd game

  • Bruceleevo

    love the vid

  • crxsz blxdez
    crxsz blxdez

    Musty is saying things that I can’t even understand

  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore

    i very much liked this video i hope he does something like this again

  • ClapZ

    Musty made a vid my new car still uses hes old car

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson

    Is it just me or does musty look kinda fire in the vid?

  • roy marchant
    roy marchant

    You should make a air control tutorial

    • roy marchant
      roy marchant

      Im not very good at rocket league

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  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro

    10:45 the grind triple tap

  • PRV 090
    PRV 090

    U broke the rule one my guy

  • Sleezy Gaming
    Sleezy Gaming

    Hey musty can u talk to ur manager I haven’t got my merch that I bought

  • Kayla Haas
    Kayla Haas

    Hey musty I have a friend and ever since I told him about air dribbles he's been practicing non stop and now he's always air dribbling and I need help maybe u can teach me

  • Luja Mohamed
    Luja Mohamed

    Can u play with me for one vid I'm also 8 if u want to play with add clxrify-Aue🤔

  • RazerBond

    Just tell people they will be in a video if they let you win and ull win every game

  • OloBooster

    Maybe close ur eyes then rule 1 ;)

  • cayden Tomlinson
    cayden Tomlinson

    Musty get on your Xbox again

  • Terrence Jones Jr.
    Terrence Jones Jr.

    Lol musty the opponent was probably raging if we heard his audio it would have been so funny

  • David Delgadillo
    David Delgadillo

    musty should make a video of just playing a random persons tournament

  • lozivies

    Day 25 of asking musty if I can be in a video

  • Pulse Matrix
    Pulse Matrix

    Hey musty! I just stopped by to give you a vid idea. So here it is you play a game of horse with Pulse evample

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