I asked every rank to show me their best freestyle: Here's what happened
I asked every rank in Rocket League to show me their best freestyle trickshots by doing games of "P.I.G" at each rank. Enjoy!

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0:00 - intro
1:02 - silver
4:27 - gold
7:04 - plat
8:50 - diamond
10:57 - champ
12:11 - grand champ
14:45 - SSL

Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com

Edited by kdence. twitter.com/thekdence

  • amustycow

    join the discord: discord.gg/musty

    • Evie plays💗
      Evie plays💗

      Wha I’m a big fan

    • May Aden
      May Aden


    • Jesus Walter
      Jesus Walter

      Hi musty

    • Jesus Walter
      Jesus Walter


    • Jesus Walter
      Jesus Walter

      Musty can you couch me plss name is walter1213villal thank you

  • Harry Wall
    Harry Wall

    I'm a diamond and it would be easy to cap those SSL's in a freestyle 1v1 haha

  • JEsterCW

    I had to skip the silver part due to the fact that the dominus kid was so cringy.

  • Bad Fgx
    Bad Fgx

    That yellow silver lowkey has decent mechs ahahaha

  • LGC Faadji
    LGC Faadji

    What kind of boost is that 0:45

  • Rocket_playzz

    Musty: No one is a bronze anymore Me: all of my cousins are bronze

  • GhOoLz_JnIx 6
    GhOoLz_JnIx 6

    Can I 1v1 u plz🥺

  • Srivani D
    Srivani D

    No one: Not a single person: The gold after failing a turtle corner air dribble musty double tap: sUcCeS

  • Noah McCurdy
    Noah McCurdy

    I just love musty

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores

    Why didn't musty call out that silver Smurf?

  • Golden

    Bro power is better than me and im plat 3 and can’t even do a wall shot

  • Azyme

    the sad thing is that “silver” probably thinks he’s really good, when he actually sucks

  • kai jai
    kai jai

    Its posible to get 1 kph i got one

  • Braydon Noack
    Braydon Noack

    Plat player: I can do a flip reset Me in champion: I can barely even do one in champ


    mans put MESKO against OSM lmao, shouldve gave pulse fire a chance in the video for once lol

  • Daniel Cristobal
    Daniel Cristobal

    You already know that dom plat and silver are smurfs😂

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker

    Silvers these days play like fricking diamonds sometimes I swear

    • Andrew Parker
      Andrew Parker

      Like wtf is this😂

  • Psychiclos

    i’m diamond and can flip reset sometimes

  • DarkXperia

    Pls unban me from ur discord

  • Landon Lindhurst
    Landon Lindhurst

    I have hit a 1kph shot and how you do it is you slowly touch the ball off a kick off and when it is about to go in you jump infront of the ball.

  • Guvnar

    Ofc both the Smurfs are kids

  • EchoClapz Gaming
    EchoClapz Gaming

    I swear I could do better than power, you and metric COMBINED

  • iffan HaS ADHD
    iffan HaS ADHD

    im plat and i cant air dribble 😔

  • Alhasan Abbass
    Alhasan Abbass

    Yo I’m actually mad that the gay guy won

  • Margaret 0 Regan
    Margaret 0 Regan

    Why did bronze just vanish in like 1 minute

  • Adrachor

    I am on plat but i cant do any of these shots😢

  • Nasrallah

    why is the gc soo gay

  • Zenjatic Woodooo
    Zenjatic Woodooo

    13:51 JEeEeEeeeezzz... Lovely😂🔥

  • Kris is Hyper
    Kris is Hyper

    Hey musty it was my birthday on the 18 and can I please get a happy birthday from you it would mean alot

  • Zenjatic Woodooo
    Zenjatic Woodooo

    The silver is cappin like sht

  • Κοσμάς Παπαλεωνίδας
    Κοσμάς Παπαλεωνίδας

    Bruh those diamonds are butcheeks

  • Xility Onthestcks
    Xility Onthestcks

    Idk why I was dying in the gold rank

  • OofDaHaters

    Im a gold 3 and i can airdribble double tap is that good?

  • 5Days

    I wish Musty would call out the obvious smurfs harder when it's happening.

  • Gamer747 U bot
    Gamer747 U bot

    Silver smurfing man

  • Cayden Orton kater
    Cayden Orton kater

    I played a bronze today

  • Iosua Stoica
    Iosua Stoica

    Get Musty to 3 mill

  • Jayden Butler
    Jayden Butler

    I'm not good😔

  • Ben Muskopf
    Ben Muskopf

    What silver can airdribble SMUUUUUUUUURF

  • Vlaster

    I wonder if some of these grand champs and ssl's know they're absolutely goated at this game.

  • Fasniko ChAn
    Fasniko ChAn

    The silver is a better air dribbler than me and I’m plat

  • B13 Studios
    B13 Studios

    Petition to change it to c.o.w. for these in the future

  • Galaxy

    I had to skip silver not being toxic

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    Tell that silver to focus on ranking up not airdribbles

  • zetro

    No the 1kph i did it before so its possible

  • DB Pigeon
    DB Pigeon

    The dominus plat wasn't a plat

  • DB Pigeon
    DB Pigeon

    Bro that silver was smurfing

  • Yaron Lavi
    Yaron Lavi

    bruh that gem dude is not plat

  • Marijn Brans
    Marijn Brans

    The gold guy really thought he was good

  • quick Sinter
    quick Sinter

    Musty 1v1 me your trash

  • mbrog3

    im ligit gold and i could mustard flick and air dribble of a wall

  • Shawdogod

    Mom,” what did u learn today?” Me, I learned that champs are better the GCs and that silvers are better than diamonds.” Her,😳😳😳

  • Brannon Stubblefield
    Brannon Stubblefield

    I’m a bronze rank …….🥲

  • Sabriye Irmak
    Sabriye Irmak

    that silver did air dribbles i can maybe can not do

  • Dany OP
    Dany OP

    Im gold and i can flip reset

  • Chinenyeplayz

    “I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ.”🌚👍_

  • Sevinthplanet

    I can’t imagine how much this hurt musty to watch plat and below 😂

  • X2GamerFriends

    half the people the rank they said they were were prolly not that plat was deffinetly at least champ

  • Janimaplan

    This diamonds are bad... -_-

  • Fusion 03
    Fusion 03

    The silver was probably smurfing but the plat was a freestyler since he had freestyle camera settings

  • Aidan banks
    Aidan banks

    I like that he has a discord for people only 18+.....

  • Cyperkill

    That guys on plat only can freestyle

  • The MEK
    The MEK

    Gem rl was really good and he is only plat

  • Coach Nimbus
    Coach Nimbus

    That silver could be smurfing but he could also be coached by a cousin or even parent in just mechanics alone. I say this because I coach my son and he just turned six. I have him doing speed rings and jump trials. Obviously he can’t do anything but fly and boost then crash and burn but imagine his progression over the next year. Just food for thought. Don’t automatically dismiss the possibility he might just have basic mechanics and just a goof ball in game sense. - Coach

  • _idk_

    Silver kid was obviously a smurf

  • Hristos Terranova
    Hristos Terranova

    If you ever need a bronze for a vid my bro is a bronze 2 His user is Fortnitekid7 on Xbox and rocket league

  • ꧁༒L. Lawliet༒꧂
    ꧁༒L. Lawliet༒꧂

    The fact that this much people that thinks the silver is smurfing baffles me. Like do yall not know that some people takes the fancy freestyle route over game sense in rocket league? He's prob trash in 2v2 and 3v3

  • ꧁༒L. Lawliet༒꧂
    ꧁༒L. Lawliet༒꧂

    Fun Fact: The Silver Probably isnt a smurf, most low ranked players like me practice fancy freestyles like Breezi Flicks, Air dribbles, and my friend in Gold can Flip Reset and Ceiling shot. Don't be salty just cause a low ranked player can do better freestyles than you.

  • Ole wedel
    Ole wedel

    gem rl is NOT a plat at all

  • Its gamer guy
    Its gamer guy

    16:43 if Bella Poarch would sing it: So if you need perfect than Mesko is built for you.

  • Dreamz

    Bruh I am silver and I can air dribble

  • Janette Milera
    Janette Milera

    Omg the silver is better than me I’m gold 1

  • Niels 225
    Niels 225

    Why is this silver dude better at airdribbels then me th

  • kinghenry666

    I fell like the really good silver so switch the bule plat in ranks

  • シ๓๏ђค๓๓є๔シ

    Btw is possible to get 1kph ive get 0kph lol

  • Missions FN
    Missions FN

    Silver is not he is like a plat

  • Ethan Rodriguez
    Ethan Rodriguez

    That silver is not a silver.

  • bigmf anthony
    bigmf anthony

    I used to play fortnite with Landoguy I have his phone number

  • cassie bor
    cassie bor

    I am gold

  • Epic Fingerboard Tricks
    Epic Fingerboard Tricks

    Subscribe to epic fingerboard tricks

  • DobbyWasTaken

    I am high diamond low champ and csnt double tap like the silver lmao


    Me being bronze on switch. 🥲


    Me: freestyle is the most fun part of the game Others who can't freestyle: -_-

    • Robert Cook
      Robert Cook

      lol im am grand champ and i swear my luck is the best if i hit it towards goal everone stops

  • Aedan Tong
    Aedan Tong

    Bro that plat so bad I can probably beat him in a 1v1

  • Kursxd

    the silver is better than me and i’m high plat-low diamond 😭


    Im plat i do kuxir pinch (record 138kph) ground pinch (my record 159kph) ceilling musty , reset ect

  • Declan Hinchcliffe
    Declan Hinchcliffe

    A bit sweaty for plat dont you think

  • Ulises Valdivia
    Ulises Valdivia

    Dude te first silver:power does so much better air dribble than me im platinum 3 ;(

  • Desert Viper
    Desert Viper

    First kid was not silver

  • George White Not Brown
    George White Not Brown

    I think musty felt bad and didnt expose the sliver and plat smurfs lol

  • danda 1x
    danda 1x

    the plat and silver clearly aren't there ranks

  • danda 1x
    danda 1x

    i'm disliking cuz the silver clearly wasn't

  • Charlie Fielding
    Charlie Fielding

    I'm bronze😞

  • frenzi97

    theres no way the “silver” dominus at the beginning is silver

  • Jonas

    wtf the plat is smurf too

  • Jonas

    that silver guy power is so annoying not even silver

  • Koolz

    I can triple reset and I’m plat3

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The obese semicircle happily skip because barometer assembly refuse regarding a second surgeon. bad, elfin sunflower

  • Bradley Ryn
    Bradley Ryn

    That dominus silver reminds me of what I was like in silver

  • Nato Fishy
    Nato Fishy

    I’m a I ranked and I can air dribble flip reset and musty flick all at once

    • Nato Fishy
      Nato Fishy

      I’m a unranked