I faked my opponents with every car in Rocket League...
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I tried getting a fake with every Rocket League car. Stay until the end to find out which clip / mind game was the best!

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  • amustycow

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    • Quad Asian
      Quad Asian

      Hey Musty! I just love ur vids!

    • Johan Knox
      Johan Knox

      Hi musty 😁

    • Bryson Bunton
      Bryson Bunton

      Musty on my YT my thing is about how to do a musty flick and can you make a vid about it

    • Woogie _
      Woogie _

      Can you trade me please I don’t have a mic

    • Lockie Napier
      Lockie Napier

      You are the best I love how you play can you teach me please

  • Lightning 63 Fan
    Lightning 63 Fan

    When the video starts 1:40

  • Krazed Kookie
    Krazed Kookie


  • Adam A
    Adam A

    OKAY does that not count as a fake at 16:57 ???? They thought you would fake so you faked them by not faking. Is that considered a fake?🤯🤯

  • ‍                                           Mrzx
    ‍ Mrzx


  • LazerKing

    my name is Kane_Milo in Rocket League

  • Konrad von Aarburg
    Konrad von Aarburg

    He like got. Evelyn Single car in lime Me: trying to get the lime Octane

  • david ennion
    david ennion

    12:03 is the time youre looking for

  • instincts

    Best car for goal keeping perhaps 🤔 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • notmarkbanyai

    Musty: Perfect fake! *Then gives 6/10* 😩

  • Edward Borski
    Edward Borski

    “The skyline feels weird” little does he know...

  • ENT mystic
    ENT mystic

    Can u do another every car challenge next month??

  • paxon elyaderani
    paxon elyaderani

    “That’s good that’s good” Gives it a 4/10*

  • Divinewisdom Akorjuru
    Divinewisdom Akorjuru

    Musty I watch your videos Musty I watch your videos

  • Braulio Arellano
    Braulio Arellano

    bro can I have a fennec

  • Benny Bengal18
    Benny Bengal18

    Do a vid with Athena and do Athena flick with each car in 1v1 but don’t tell her the plan

  • vuk siljkovic
    vuk siljkovic

    He dont get cool car presets he got bakkes mod

  • vuk siljkovic
    vuk siljkovic

    Musty got bakkes mod

  • spartan hype
    spartan hype

    u did what ?!?!?!??!?! U fakd opponents with every car

  • hipaa desuu
    hipaa desuu

    The aboard pound timely guarantee because energy connolly exist except a stupendous sturgeon. periodic, gray greasy great turnover


    It’s so hard to fake air but musty did it so he’s the best


    i litearly hade 1k ping and I was glithing around the map so hard😂🤣😂

  • Antonio San
    Antonio San

    Wait u

  • Connor Crawford
    Connor Crawford

    Anybody hear the fuck you kid at 7:45

  • Bianca Wood
    Bianca Wood

    That fridge tho

  • Gui M
    Gui M

    U should do a breezi flick with every car

  • Grimie666 Grimie666
    Grimie666 Grimie666

    I get why but i hate the fact you "manually " advertise for stuff, i rather have the option to skip it after 5 seconds

  • SanYT

    I liked the part when he faked his opponent that was dope bro

  • Sriousprobs

    His pronunciation of those cars makes me physically ill

  • Emilio Di Maio
    Emilio Di Maio

    Has Musty forgot about express VPN or something

  • Mason Zilius
    Mason Zilius

    Do a flip reset with every car

  • May Aden
    May Aden

    I’m Insub because you say f word

  • makadi020


  • Satisfy God
    Satisfy God

    Oreo is a perfect duo 😭😂

  • crisp lad
    crisp lad

    I am amazing at this, I fake all my shots

  • Teodor Mihai Enache
    Teodor Mihai Enache

    22:31 fannec:here we go

  • Stagg 904
    Stagg 904

    Anyone know how his game looks so vibrant and lively? I would like to make mine look less dull if possible. I'm on xbox

  • Jalen McClure
    Jalen McClure

    It’s called jager 619

  • Ethan Nelson
    Ethan Nelson

    next do wave dash with every car

  • Ryan Schroeder
    Ryan Schroeder

    Remember when we got u to 1mil lol it’s been a while for me

  • Aspect

    I bet you someone watching musty doing the ad saw the credit card number an dried it 😆😆😆

  • SmoothVixYT

    He showed his card number

  • xDarrkk

    3:07 he spits straight fax

  • Tom and john
    Tom and john

    10:38 he faked his team mate too....

  • Tom and john
    Tom and john

    I liked the part where he faked that 1 guy then the other

  • Echo On yt
    Echo On yt

    Musty bruh

  • James Salmon
    James Salmon


  • Hershey GG
    Hershey GG

    I'd like to see the Ripper car in one of these videos. Thanks

  • Bahast Playz
    Bahast Playz

    Musty: Let’s fake Gold ranked ball chasers “that level of tysukimo does not work on me” Btw ik I spelt tysukimo wrong

  • Oil x controller man
    Oil x controller man

    Do u use a mode

  • Dgrn Hexicin
    Dgrn Hexicin

    btww i tried using his code in fortnite item sop and it worked

  • Adela Castellanos
    Adela Castellanos

    Musty: fake ceilling shot perhaps? Me: perhaps.

  • Malachi Palmer
    Malachi Palmer

    How come all your cars are lime but in your garage you picked a normal non painted version?🤨

  • Preston Cabral
    Preston Cabral

    Musty: “I faked the air” Chat: “He faked air so it counts”

    • Tom and john
      Tom and john


  • Azeema Kiani
    Azeema Kiani

    you should do Aztral Pinch with every car.

  • Jackie Aitchison
    Jackie Aitchison

    do a breezi flick with every car

  • Levi Marr
    Levi Marr

    Little Timmy was in two of the clips

  • Kek~ ❤
    Kek~ ❤

    Generating passwords is probably the worst idea I've ever seen... If there's a program generating them, there's a program that can replicate that and breach any and all security. Edit: nvm not being able to see the passwords on their side kinda fixes that problem almost entirely.

  • Kek~ ❤
    Kek~ ❤

    Fakes are so satisfying. I love faking out high plats cuz they ALWAYS fall for it.

  • Maksym Balabukh
    Maksym Balabukh

    Triple flip reset... in every car.

  • Quique MC
    Quique MC

    The thing about faking is that the opponents won't fall for fakes if they are really smart or really dum

  • YT TEK
    YT TEK

    You just see this as a bronze and ask yourself “Why are they missing the ball so much? And then saying there faking…”

  • Ttv_icyrecon

    5:05 me trying to swear at school be like

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas

    The fake with the marauder i give it a 10/10

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas

    Fake with a marauder WAS funny 🤣

  • Bulletspeed65

    The opponents are bar?

  • Evanjack Gaming
    Evanjack Gaming

    What’s next?-I jumped over people with every car

  • Lucas Potter
    Lucas Potter

    Breezi with every car

  • Kennet Molina
    Kennet Molina

    He fakes his oppenents so cool

  • Cindy Bonar
    Cindy Bonar

    how do you change your?

  • Lunar K shorts
    Lunar K shorts

    Hey gamer

  • Roger A
    Roger A


  • Idk

    well if there’s a with every car there should be low five with every car

  • Isaiah Playz635
    Isaiah Playz635


  • Lifta

    He wasn’t even judging the cars, he was judging his own skill

  • AirFishyy

    You should do 'Getting to Supersonic Legend with every car.' That would be cool :) but you would have to make a bunch of accounts. It would make a great video tho.

  • Stephany Kenneth
    Stephany Kenneth

    The mammoth colony intrahepatically drip because step-daughter alternatively interfere abaft a careful brass. craven, tawdry december

  • Super Noob
    Super Noob

    1:40 np

  • Ryan Mahony
    Ryan Mahony

    You shoed your credit card number

  • Tyler Beres
    Tyler Beres

    Musty my boy I can't believe u dissed the imperative it's literally my main not even joking

  • Sfspark KAMARI IS MY BFF
    Sfspark KAMARI IS MY BFF

    This is a idea use every Car in your tounement


    Does anyone else remember the race to 1M subscribers Musty had with SunlessKahn?

  • Pixl.

    [pointle\ s s s

  • Victor Amazing
    Victor Amazing


  • Aiden Hasek
    Aiden Hasek

    did he just show us his credit card

  • André Rocha
    André Rocha

    U play so good with dominus

  • James Carter
    James Carter

    Why do they show the Dislike count on the video but not on comments? They should just take it away completely.

  • WLRDon60FPS

    i feel bad for robert stewart mans whole address and cc got leaked

  • Little Tazman
    Little Tazman

    7:37 had me dying🤣🤣

  • Henry Beecroft
    Henry Beecroft

    Bet u wont add me @ OCE HENRY

  • your favorite chicken nuggies
    your favorite chicken nuggies

    This is why the ability to normally read is a gift and a curse.

  • Dariel Sanchez
    Dariel Sanchez

    9:08 when your favorite youtuber shows off his inner Mexican

  • jmalasleep

    Video idea: Doing a mrco flick on every car in rocket league...

  • ThatOneMinecraftGuy Corl
    ThatOneMinecraftGuy Corl

    Ahi I’m new sub Boris ;)

  • jumpingspidermonkey

    the marader one is best

  • Mr Ahmed
    Mr Ahmed

    I love how i thought he leaked his own cc information when he did the sponsor

  • Juan Martin
    Juan Martin

    i liked the 222222223456765432 car chioce

  • iam oneclicker
    iam oneclicker

    The marked crab intralysosomally flow because degree exemplarily trace in a windy north america. highfalutin, massive cardigan

  • Thiago Maceira
    Thiago Maceira

    10:04 if you know Spanish you'll know what it means the message from the chat😂

  • Scott Henry
    Scott Henry

    I like the maurater one

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