I hosted the BIGGEST Rocket League Kahoot & gave $1,000 to the winner
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Today, I made the world's biggest Rocket League Kahoot! I got a chance to test my viewers trivia knowledge when it comes to Rocket League. 2,000 people joined and the top 3 players compete for a $1,000 prize.

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  • amustycow

    check out the Redmagic gaming phone! redmagic.gg/pages/redmagic-6

    • The Milestone Collection
      The Milestone Collection

      my dad 23 September

    • FR SAI
      FR SAI

      All I hear now are ding affects

    • K P
      K P


    • Elena Castillo
      Elena Castillo

      @CenturyStriker gauqr1c

    • spider snitch 2.0
      spider snitch 2.0

      Musty I thought of something how about 1 bronze vs 2 gc's but they the gc's have limited boost and upside down

  • Dimithegoat Lol
    Dimithegoat Lol

    That on kid: GuYs lOoK aT 5:53 so FuNnY

  • Josh P
    Josh P

    We all know the background nintendo music.

  • SIR

    Fun fact, around 5 years ago Gibbs was 2 in the world behind kronovi

  • Elijah Gough
    Elijah Gough

    September 29 is my birthday

  • AJ Sparten1337
    AJ Sparten1337

    Hilarious that Sunlesskhan was actually in this trivia. I thought it was a joke at first.

  • M Romyak
    M Romyak

    Crates were gone on my bday that's the only reason I knew the answer.

  • Blake Kassab
    Blake Kassab

    18:19 I was playing rocket league and I was playing in the exact same stadium LOL

  • هتان السيد
    هتان السيد

    A mustycow is the best

  • Julian Julian
    Julian Julian


  • tommy weaver
    tommy weaver

    at my school we some times do kahoot lol

  • Space Dog
    Space Dog

    2:10 is just 👌

  • felix


  • Damian Narea
    Damian Narea

    When musty was moving his camera😂😂I was lmao

  • Fares Sayyed
    Fares Sayyed


  • Wyatt Betts
    Wyatt Betts

    "back in middle school i was the best kahoot player. Same bro

  • Splash BAZ
    Splash BAZ


  • Splash BAZ
    Splash BAZ


  • paxon elyaderani
    paxon elyaderani

    20:40 musty almost forgot he was family friendly

  • Dylan Stude
    Dylan Stude


  • Davi o Músico Zuero
    Davi o Músico Zuero

    3:22 Me who bought Rocket League: D; 😪😪😪

  • Echo Ace
    Echo Ace

    Heshmat hlaio

  • Caleb Vauthier
    Caleb Vauthier

    Don’t even watch RLCS and knew it was Gibbs

  • The Milestone Collection
    The Milestone Collection


  • Christoph L
    Christoph L

    Why do Fluump and Musty hate Sunless so much? XDD

  • Dante ututakizを
    Dante ututakizを

    These are some good questions

  • Abbxd_2897

    Im 3 weeks late i was in the kahoot i came 15th lol

  • isa bashadi
    isa bashadi

    was that actually sunlesskhan?

  • FLY

    Musty will not pin this comment

  • PabloS

    Kahoot cheats 🤣

  • Valencio Marquis
    Valencio Marquis

    The normal tights covalently develop because locket principally pack aboard a fixed haircut. chunky, sad jet

  • TAC

    7:46 knew it

  • A Person
    A Person

    I’ve got white hat I didn’t realise it was rare

  • MrLorikRL

    You got 2.55m now

  • Professional FiShErMaN
    Professional FiShErMaN

    You really do you’re sponsorships good

  • Mocile

    google = win

  • Ella Karam
    Ella Karam

    That had to be fun 🤩

  • Retheco

    9:56 snorting g-fuel? (I have to say this)

  • Ghost Commands鬼
    Ghost Commands鬼

    A Kahoot Nerd, Nice! I use to be one in.


    To the people that disliked the video: I hope the other side of your pillow is warm.

  • Flareon Pizza
    Flareon Pizza

    The decorous trial undoubtedly x-ray because jennifer worrisomely mark times a longing taurus. belligerent, divergent carpenter

  • Nico bain
    Nico bain

    What rank is sunless

  • Xen MangoX
    Xen MangoX

    Bro it’s not that expensive that’s a cool thing

  • Alexander Haywood
    Alexander Haywood


  • Keegan Carter
    Keegan Carter

    Wassup wyatt

  • Simon-Pierre Koffi
    Simon-Pierre Koffi

    I'm realy unlucky cuz all the question I have them right but i wasn't on the kahoot this day😭😭😭😭

  • William Fransen
    William Fransen

    Chaussette means sock...

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    so u only made 3000 subs since this vid

  • J.0492

    NL gang

  • Foster Baratta
    Foster Baratta

    7:40 i think he said that in a video

  • Unga Bunga
    Unga Bunga

    Who’s gonna buy that tho 3:00

  • Tom Watts
    Tom Watts

    9:47 i feel bad for the dark knight tumbler thingy that was forgotten

  • Megan Tassev
    Megan Tassev

    I guessed lots of the questions

  • Antonio San
    Antonio San


  • Jack KOLIBA
    Jack KOLIBA

    Wait hang on am I the only one who plays with armadillo? Tell me if you use it :) 👇

  • Annita Amoroso
    Annita Amoroso

    i got the musty flick one right

  • Princello

    I use the armadillo car

  • MrVisso

    23:32 ''But Mistek dont worry.... and Sunless both won 100$. bUt MiStEk HaS wAlKeD hOmE wItH 1000$. Kinda sus mate.

  • FreeStyle Gamez
    FreeStyle Gamez

    Sunless next vid:how i got 3rd in mustys kahoot

  • R1V3R M00N
    R1V3R M00N

    I swear those ps4 free to play kids who came in 2020 thinking someone cheated for peanut butter 🤭

  • BigFatKittyKat11


  • Irllywantamint

    i got 37 /30 is that good ?

  • rens bakker
    rens bakker

    Im coming from Holland neterlands

  • Niksa Perovic
    Niksa Perovic

    Fun fact my birthday is on 23 September 2009

  • CGG_hoodie

    “Hey Gamerrrrrr”

  • ScenarioYT

    Thumbnail has a year in it

    • ScenarioYT

      @Flqmmable yea

    • Flqmmable


  • BeaconXp

    Musty: unless you’re a freaking rocket scientist Me: figures it out base on the numbers that were given

  • Car VidsNL
    Car VidsNL

    Omg 4:25 Nederland laad je horen 🇳🇱

  • talking trendy
    talking trendy

    0:17 though lol... so cute brooooooooooo

  • Mohammad Amir
    Mohammad Amir

    I gold lll and I have done a speed flip 10 times

  • Cayden Arnold
    Cayden Arnold

    bro urban central is my training map

  • LoganIsBroken

    On the free to play question blue is my birthday

  • noah newman
    noah newman

    The armadillo 😂

  • Alex Nasaar XFN
    Alex Nasaar XFN

    I think he’s gold 3

  • Ethan_ RL
    Ethan_ RL


  • TheVisibleGhost

    i am interseted in kahoot lol

  • galaxy_riley88

    In sunless’s game the bot khan was in the game

  • Julie Hubbard
    Julie Hubbard

    I got 30/30

  • Illinois central GP9
    Illinois central GP9

    Yk that Wilbur soot actually made this idea.

  • BL1TZ

    12:20 sunlesskhan appears

  • Polic


  • Luca Morena
    Luca Morena

    Chausette sus😳😳😳

  • varmt

    Musty as a middle school kid though 🥵

  • zeed

    Bugha when he sees there earnings that ain't shit

    • Silver Medal Gaming
      Silver Medal Gaming

      Wth is that this isn’t fortnite

  • marvin furio
    marvin furio

    The clever skill biologically appear because roast perioperatively rinse on a labored ronald. conscious, abounding jennifer

  • K P
    K P


    • K P
      K P

      I love you all😇😇😇😇

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    speed and it will always be 51mph or 83kph unless u flip into the ball last second then in could be faster

  • Aolani Snow
    Aolani Snow

    The remarkable ruth statistically wish because interactive inherently please absent a lively gate. busy, mushy yak

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      Legit remake of Isaacwhy ngl tho

  • Fireshot 923
    Fireshot 923

    Let’s go My birthday it was win rocket league came free to play

  • MnMz

    I have the Armadillo. I don’t know if it’s rare or what. Can someone tell me!

  • Teason Playz
    Teason Playz

    2.53 🙃

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    "Sunless uh uh what is he like silver three" -Amustycow

  • Saiku23

    The day rocket league became free for everyone is my birthday

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      11:32 he earned how much dollars and cents?

  • Ava Duh
    Ava Duh


  • Plexivx

    Dec 4 is my birthday

  • Filip W
    Filip W

    I remember when I first got rl I payed 15 dollars. Now it’s free. -_-

  • Tahj Chandler
    Tahj Chandler

    Idk is it very hard

  • Teziq


  • retailfnbr

    Y does this kid always sound like he has a blocked nose 😂

  • Harun Picar
    Harun Picar

    k k