I ran into Garrettg in ranked & here's what happened... | SSL 2v2 Ep. 27 | Rocket League
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Today we play with Tcorrell in supersonic legend ranked 2v2 and end up facing up against NRG Garrettg.

sub to Tcorrell: hrless.info/work/fbZ...

The goal of this series is to help you guys get better at Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can to give you guys some insight into how I approach 2v2's, and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can then try to apply some of that information from a supersonic legend ranked player to your own game and improve at Rocket League. Enjoy!

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  • Unkn0wnV0id

    Love how you always play with a pro. Can't even play without one.

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    Mehbuba Khalid

    Everyone but musty: Just gotta get some boost Musty: Lemme get some boos

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    18:18 lol?

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    2:27 boost is 69 hahahahahahaha

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    Cubmeister 8

    Hello wyatt

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    Wait he played against Landen isn’t that Striped’s friend?

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    Musty’s #1 fan

    You are great musty

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    Jackson Largent

    I use ur code in item shop

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    RTX Trix

    Ttv landen_rl is from striped videos

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    BRO IT'S "BOOST" NOT "BOOSSSSSS" How come you cant say this

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    GarretG demoing? Unbelievable xD

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    P A I N

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    Alex on xbox

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    Andrew Evans

    13:12 what a clear

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    Andrew Evans

    7:29 what a save

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    Andrew Evans

    4:09 ur so goood wow great fake

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    Fabian Brooks

    How you be running into GarretG like dat,you run into other YT too.

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    George Apostolou

    12:57 cancel that

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    Jesse Hudgins

    By Azura by Azura by Azura. It's the grand Champion! I can't believe its you, standing here, next to me!

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    Mel Bourne

    Is it like a energy drink

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    Play with Brayan

    So my friend is new to your Chanel Buh instead of saying amustycow he said he started watching acrustycow

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    Nathan Chi

    Is it just me or does mustys voice sound different

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    Musty please don't take this a bad way but the quality of the vid doesn't match what I picked, not the content quality but like the resolution doesn't look like 1080p60 when that's what I have chosen, if u could fix it or tell me what I'm doing wrong itd make the vid 100x better (at least for me)

  • Eczotiik

    Demoing urself would be so dope like you are awkward in opponents net then boom 3 secs later ur ready for their counterattack, at your net, with over 33-45 boost

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    Viorela Timea Ardelean

    Man are you asome

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    Shreyas Joshi

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    landens in this vid, POOOOGGGG

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    Seb Garner

    i hope musty knows that were not all stinkin rich

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    Omar Lamd 5B

    you should've won

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      musty is trash lmao

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    x Addi

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    Musty you always play with pro’s play with the 2 people with the rarest tag (Rocket Husband & Rocket Wife)

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    ام هاشم ام هاشم

    He got flicked on

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    @Musty can u pls ask ur mods to unban me

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    SiL3nT Ferny

    can we all agree musty sold that win there?

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    Gabry Giovannelli

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    Tobias Nandkumar

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  • Austin, ducharme Stuart
    Austin, ducharme Stuart

    If you love heart burn g fule has got you covered!

  • Isaac Wilks
    Isaac Wilks

    Musty can we play some 2v2 competitive together my user is BoomIsaac101 and i play on xbox

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    Let’s be friends Musty! Epic ID: BrokenCanidae116

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    my guy your insane im your bigest fan

  • No one
    No one

    Sup Musty i came up with this idea to play a match where you dont play against different ranks but you play against people with lower/higher hours in game. It would be fun to see if the in game hours really effect your skill. Like so musty sees it Btw english is not my first language so srry if i dont spell everything correctly

  • Benno

    Hey Musty can we play a 1v1 i am dia 2 but in a tournament i barely clapped an ssl it was 2:3 pls see this. Edit: I faked him so bad xd

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    clash of slash

    can you add me pls pls pls pls pls pls

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    Day 33,34,and 35 of asking musty if I can be in a video

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    Michael Stanaway

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  • Manuel Guerrero Torres
    Manuel Guerrero Torres

    Yo musty new video idea for when your not climbing in competitive you should run 2s and start with a bronze tm8 and go all the way up to ssl and see how many games you can win carrying a tm8 lol btw im diamond so lmk when your down to hop on and carry me🙏

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    Bouke Westerink

    Good job advertising energy drinks which make young adults potential sugar and taurine dependent, great for the heart muscles!

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    Decent Blaster

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    Fastest “hey gamer” in the west

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    Some Dude

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    Jay Cuellar

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    EL Gustavo

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    haha garet couldve destroyed you

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    Phantom ._. Llxydd

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    Max Desar

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    Jesus Loves you

    Jesus loves you

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    Lust Wavy

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    Valencio Marquis

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    wayne alway

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    Alex Brandsma

    It’s hilarious how irl he’s just wearing a headset the entire time lol

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    Lewis Krob

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    Death Kraze

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    Coopthebolt 5454

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    Emil Darri

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