I ran into NRG JSTN in ranked & here's what happened... | SSL 3v3 Ep. 16 | Rocket League
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In the video, I play against the best player in the world in ranked 3v3: NRG JSTN. Chicago, Lethamyr, and I queue up into top 100 3v3 lobbies to see if we can match up against some of the highest ranked player in Rocket League. The goal of this series is to help you guys get better at Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can to give you guys some insight into how I approach 3v3's, and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can then try to apply some of that information from a supersonic legend ranked player your own game and improve at Rocket League. Enjoy!

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    Check out the new merch drop! Get it before it sells out here: mxm2021.com

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      It looks awesome but I can't get it I have no money

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      @Reece Warren go back to nursery

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      @Thomas Guenther it is ranked ur bronze because u don’t have rl sense an

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      @Thomas Guenther ur just blind

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      Thomas Guenther

      yo 7:59 thats not ranked that is standard.

  • kiragawa otasaki
    kiragawa otasaki

    13:10 - musty gets middle boost and not the corner boost because he wants to support his teammates from the center back while they keep defending from the other side. This is an actually smart move because most low ranks would go for the middle boost when they already have around 80 boost or more. See how Musty shifts towards middle back after he takes the middle boost and waits patiently as his teammates try to push the ball on the opposite field

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    Love your videos!

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    Omg Justin so fast if u want to all u have to do is buy everything that he has his monitor his keyboard jk

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    I think mustys name is Wyatt

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    When Musty said "heres a new episode of supersonic-" my internet died. I thought he was gonna say SUPERSONIC ACROBATIC ROCKET-POWERED BATTLE CARS. I was disappointed when he actually said "supersonic legend".

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    @amustycow how much for u to coach me in rocket league lol

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    Spanken Time

    2:36 when the actual video starts

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    Does this guy have infinite boost like wtf

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    Music at 14:50?

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    Vincent Thomas

    And more mechanically

  • Vincent Thomas
    Vincent Thomas

    SSL aint like this players r faster then this

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    Levi Cherek

    At 14:30 Leth gets demoed right when the beat drops

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    Justin Mccoig

    Won’t find a higher quality hoodie y’all do know champion was a Walmart brand

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    Why don’t I see musty ever wave dash?

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    He stole let’s go from da baby 😂

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    Sheeeesh the merch. loooks drippy

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    One day a black person gonna be the best yall gonna be so mad

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    14:28 anyone noticed that perfect timing demo?

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    Only people who think Musty is a cracked rocket league player can reply to this with any letter( Mustys opinion matters most”

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    I wish I watched the whole vid first, there’s so many comments I could write that could make you like my comment. After all I couldn’t do it ;(

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    Me watching musty: me feeling like I’ll win every game

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    £15 for a mask sheeeeesh

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    cool your t shirt

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    Thomas Guenther

    yo 7:59 thats not ranked that is standard you said you ran into him during ranked but it says standard unless thats like its competitive not an extra mode.

  • GamerProLB

    stop making excuses about your controller dude learn from your mistakes and take the blame

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    Cohen Purkis

    Hey musty I’m a big fan

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    I wonder how the people who Musty doesn’t know feel rn

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    When streamers play Why Do they not talk in the video?

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    Bruh the prediction at 19:50 was nasty

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    Lion 3935

    mY cOnNtRoLeR mEsSeD uP


    JUSTN is a pro

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    Okay._ Og16

    I don’t know if I’ve ever met jstn, but I r seen multiple “nrg” Justin’s and funny thing. Beat them all before I became play so if I ever met him. He was playing with his nose

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    Sniper Psycho

    What is the music in background?

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    gaming boy123

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    DiLo Studios

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    Fun fact champion use to be a Walmart brand

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    Man... I guess Justin is cracked at Rocket League too...

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    Rocket Titans

    Musty I don’t know if you will ever see this, but what screen recorder do you use. Been a huge fan actually started my friend and myself s channel based off of yours. Although we are not that good and I don’t know what screen recorder you use.

    • Neptunic

      Try OBS. A lot of HRlessrs are using it. It’s completely free

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      Rocket Titans

      @Michael Mamo Which one xbox?

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      why use a screen recorder just use ur pcs built in recorder thats what i do

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    Me when I saw the title: omg I hope Justin is OK I didn't know u could drive

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    Jstn is the best I love you musty

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    Ay Musty, you're a really good player man, but in the first game you can kinda tell you were a bit unsure. I hope you can find a way to control that so you can unlock your true potential. Much Love Musty, big fan, looking forward to more great content!

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    I do not want to know what his webcam looks like in 1080p60 that is a fever dream

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    Song at 7:07?

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      nevermind. It's A P O L L O - Flex

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    He said ima demo bc umm.... I feel like it

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