I went undercover on fans' Rocket League accounts & guessed their ranks...
In today's Rocket League video, I log onto fans' accounts and, without looking, queued 1 game of ranked. I had no idea what rank I was playing at and would have the duration of the match to guess which rank I was currently playing in. After the match, I must put in a final guess. I could be stuck in a silver lobby or even be put in a supersonic legend lobby. Enjoy!

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  • Black Out
    Black Out

    I got the first two to the division

  • mAxXeR

    POV: musty just said hey gamer to you

  • Shuja Pro
    Shuja Pro

    wayton's voice in the last game is so funny

  • SphinxGaming

    Im also Gold 2 and I also thought your "simple" shots were really good xD

  • Snyd3rMan

    0:46 Yoooo hacks caught in 4k

  • Korneel Vanbelle
    Korneel Vanbelle

    last game i did champ 2

  • Korneel Vanbelle
    Korneel Vanbelle

    third game is plat 2

    • Korneel Vanbelle
      Korneel Vanbelle

      i'm so good

  • Korneel Vanbelle
    Korneel Vanbelle

    second ball is gold 2

    • Korneel Vanbelle
      Korneel Vanbelle

      i know it

  • YDD Ali
    YDD Ali

    He is a real gamer, man sleeps with his headphones on lol.

  • Milez The Gamer
    Milez The Gamer

    Bro I actually got the first two

  • Carol Platzman
    Carol Platzman

    3:32 Aww yea best part lol

  • AnimeKid

    How was that plat 2 I’m plat 3 and wayyyyy better

  • Ben Andersen
    Ben Andersen

    6:24 nobody: me (a silver I) knowing that left goes.

  • Silva RL
    Silva RL

    Second match those were not gold I m gold an those kids are worse that my dad and he's silver

  • Brady Farrell
    Brady Farrell

    I want to make this comment to be the 5001 comment

  • Mc Skateboard
    Mc Skateboard

    How are they so bad

  • Bramkillerclaptu 1
    Bramkillerclaptu 1

    Ehhhm what I did not know plat sucks so bad I’m gold 3 and I dominate diomonds but I thought the where a little bit better omg lol

  • Dark

    Anyone know what this sound effect is at 3:51

  • MontyPlayz

    13:11 good playstyle, good kickoff, bad Defense : Diamond

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz

    Got 3

  • Ayaan Afzal
    Ayaan Afzal

    I guessed all perfectly except the last one cuz I thought he was diamond

  • DemotiX

    That champ 1 plays worse than my opponents in plat 2

  • Bauke Nieuwenhuis
    Bauke Nieuwenhuis

    dang I got them all right but then said gc 2 for the last ;-;

  • Adley Zavala
    Adley Zavala

    Cant u just put tape on the rank lvl thingy???

  • Isaac Hudson
    Isaac Hudson

    Well that’s console players for you I am one but not like that

  • William McFarland
    William McFarland

    Musty hi

  • Fazri Nurhadian_XD
    Fazri Nurhadian_XD

    3.08 im definitely grandchamp

  • Dezu

    I love how musty sleeps with his headset on.

  • Mr Shaky
    Mr Shaky

    stop with the memes your not funny brt no one laughed when watching your videos

  • Toxic Sparks
    Toxic Sparks

    When musty says threatening, the bad phrase came in lol

  • Dhaanish Abdul Kareem
    Dhaanish Abdul Kareem

    Detective Musty On Undercover Mission

  • LoganDaDestroyr !
    LoganDaDestroyr !

    9:11 I guessed it right!!!

  • Bennett Edney
    Bennett Edney


  • Brock

    11:43 how is that plat 2 divison 4! my gold 2 divison 3 matches are harder!!!!

  • Tanjiro

    The reason I’m silver it’s because there’s Or more platinum players or diamond no boss or silver players that match me only high rank players that’s why I cant wake up no wonder

  • Fervz vfx
    Fervz vfx


  • Matthew Laverde
    Matthew Laverde

    "Diamonds aren't that toxic" This is the most utterly wrong thing anyone has ever said in the history of mankind lmao

  • Jon The pro
    Jon The pro

    Musty what speed flip are u uising and how do u do ot

  • Aiden Davidheiser
    Aiden Davidheiser

    What is mustys settings

  • Ben Hardcastle
    Ben Hardcastle

    How tf r the plats so bad on American servers 😂

  • Ben Hardcastle
    Ben Hardcastle

    Why’s he have to disrespect plats like that on the second account 😂

  • ATA_Amir 12
    ATA_Amir 12

    Musty i use ur camera settings and their nothing like the one u put on ur camera settings DO THE CAMERA SETTINGS VIDS AGAIN OR Msg me on instagram im ATA_Amir 12 i already been dming u but dm me ur camera settings and controls and deadzone and stuff

  • OP_FreeZe

    I’m trying to figure out how these plays are so bad when I hit plat it was a whole new sweatfest

  • ToxicPandaOhZ LEMAN
    ToxicPandaOhZ LEMAN

    Do more tutorial vids

  • Angelyna Chaves
    Angelyna Chaves

    Whoever said that gold one is trash your mom‘s trash lololo

  • Sparky Spark
    Sparky Spark

    I guessed the first two I’m so good

  • Ek K
    Ek K

    musty can i freestyle 1v1 you

  • Devijunio T
    Devijunio T

    Wait I just played sam the other day!!!

  • Sachswari 011
    Sachswari 011


  • Like Engine
    Like Engine

    The last guy played like Dia1 wtf dias are better than him

  • Like Engine
    Like Engine

    Bro i Play in EU Servers its so hard to rank up bec they hit shots in Dia1 like tripple Flip reset

  • Lukas Yorgos
    Lukas Yorgos

    nah those ranks are fake they play worse than the bronzes I played,

  • Lukas Yorgos
    Lukas Yorgos

    whattt ur gold 2 oppenents play like silver 1

  • christian hawerchuk
    christian hawerchuk

    2 I think is gold 3 edit: nooooooo

  • xoLuvMOVIN-

    yo thats a champ

  • Kevin Espinoza
    Kevin Espinoza

    This vid is so entertaning make another vid like this musty

  • Christos Krikigiannis
    Christos Krikigiannis

    I hope my next gold games will be like the second guy's


    do more of these they are so good

  • Maya Ivastanin
    Maya Ivastanin

    I feel like I can beat a about a gold 3 because I can speed flip and I am sliver 3

  • Woman Repellent
    Woman Repellent

    I don’t like how the last guys name is a 6 digit number

  • In My Dreams
    In My Dreams

    That was Plat.Oh my God those bad

  • גלעד מרגליות
    גלעד מרגליות

    wtf how is he champ 1 i thought he was diamond 1 at max

  • Connor Stephens
    Connor Stephens

    musty:"the guy in the orange car is pretty good" me: notices hes on blue team, hmm...

  • Hxnry

    Play casual

  • Absurdceiling 15
    Absurdceiling 15

    2nd one is for sure plat 1 because there is always one good player in the lobby

  • ArmouredBacon Bekon
    ArmouredBacon Bekon

    8:27 Representation of my champ solo queue teammates

  • Elis Balheden
    Elis Balheden

    how its gold I ssl dow

  • Nightcore Assassin
    Nightcore Assassin

    They are making golds look so bad

  • SquidDog Playz
    SquidDog Playz

    What the I got all them roght no dap

    • SquidDog Playz
      SquidDog Playz


  • Miranda Cedillo
    Miranda Cedillo

    13:41 I have surround sound headphones and I listened to it more than I should admit.

  • Han Xu
    Han Xu

    Second game was my lobby

  • Brooklyn Gremillion
    Brooklyn Gremillion

    This is funny bc he is so used to playing at a high level and I am at this level he is playing (plat) and I don’t understand what he is saying 😂

  • pufjam

    Bro what are these plat and gold lobbies 😭. I’m stuck in silver an the lobbies are better than that

  • Noah Langfeldt Tønnesen
    Noah Langfeldt Tønnesen

    Plat 2 div 4 ??? im plat 1 and much better

  • Conner Clewis
    Conner Clewis

    “oh we are in the trenches”

  • Dennis Parker
    Dennis Parker

    Basic doubble tap🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • Jose Angel Gonzalez
    Jose Angel Gonzalez

    So SMART i guessed gold 2 im gold 1.

  • Alex Grant
    Alex Grant

    15:19 imao

  • Trashcan

    Nil watching your rank like this makes you look like you suck lol

  • Form Is god
    Form Is god


  • Samuel Lawther
    Samuel Lawther

    that gold 2 not realy good

    • Samuel Lawther
      Samuel Lawther

      not trying to be toxic


    Those gold twos suck and I’m gold two dif 4

  • Jake plaze
    Jake plaze

    1:42 wow I didn’t get this season 13 update. me to musty: pls like this I’m subscribed and you’re my favorite rocket league HRlessr

  • Archidor

    i got all of them (within 1 rank) except for the end, gosh its so sad that that was a champion player.

  • Caleb Milburn
    Caleb Milburn

    Bro I should be atleast champ but I’m stuck in diamond 1

  • jennifer sankar-prashad
    jennifer sankar-prashad

    Hey I play teach me

    • jennifer sankar-prashad
      jennifer sankar-prashad

      Name DragonJAP3 ps4

  • TheCloneBass

    3rd game im plat 3 in all gamemodes in extras and comp and those are not my games at all

  • Robert Silzle
    Robert Silzle

    Those gold 2s were crap

  •  koyouu

    15:19 ahhahahahaahhaah

  • Eskandor

    Apparently everyone thinks the only non toxic rank is ssl and gc

    • Icey

      I mean there are still a lot of gcs who are still toxic but SSL not toxic

  • William Immel
    William Immel

    Im trapped in Silver 3 and i would smash that gold lobby Oml

  • gorgie77


  • MRCY

    I literally guessed every one silver except the champ one

  • Chazem_Official

    Bru im plat one how was the third game a plat two game my games are sweatier and faster no hate but....

  • Clou

    His peak is your house 😂

  • Cracked Sam
    Cracked Sam

    9:35 OK that was good

  • Dimitri Zist
    Dimitri Zist

    Musty in school 🧐

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T

    I’m diamond 1 in 3s and angelo’s account plays like that lmao

  • Mohammad Amir
    Mohammad Amir

    Musty becomes a smurf

847 tis.