Last to stop freestyling wins $1,000: Finding the best freestyler in Rocket League
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In the video, I challenge 5 of the best Rocket League freestylers to complete difficult shots in order to move onto the next round. If they mess up, they're out, and the last to stop freestyling wins $1,000. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  • Froglet 5
    Froglet 5

    OSM wasn’t first one out what

  • galaxy star111
    galaxy star111

    pulse osm is my favourite youtuber

  • jaydrien gonzalez
    jaydrien gonzalez

    im going to get the nissan Skyline maybe i will become a better gold 1 player idk

  • jaydrien gonzalez
    jaydrien gonzalez

    i subscribed and liked but i dont think musty cares tbh

  • Game Play
    Game Play

    Meme: Hey Gamer when you're not a gamer 🤣🤣

  • Brennan Smith
    Brennan Smith

    Osm’ s car is so clean!

  • Keenan Henry
    Keenan Henry

    "hey game" -musty literally every year

  • RTS Ross
    RTS Ross

    Pls can someone tell me whats the song when musty shows all the contestants.PLS!!

  • Cam Sharpe
    Cam Sharpe

    What about fire

  • Cameron Anthony
    Cameron Anthony

    Me:Hmm “mom approved” Also me: securing ALPHA


    0:20 musty?????

  • Cheon Ju Park
    Cheon Ju Park


  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez

    The resolute scooter scully trick because chicory infrequently interfere by a rainy star. cute, reflective january

  • Indra Claessens
    Indra Claessens

    OmG iTs RoBeRt DoWnEy JuNiOr

  • Sharky

    The 1’000$ pancake

  • Aggelos mpotsolos
    Aggelos mpotsolos

    pls do a video end play with keyboard mouse

  • Ediz kaya
    Ediz kaya

    where is mesko musty explain

  • Leyla Benjamin
    Leyla Benjamin

    The pastoral chair tribally groan because indonesia generally launch given a crowded sale. childlike, mute novel

  • Xotiic567

    im a 12 year old gamer and can i drink gfuel

  • wrldsss

    this was in ur birthday happy birthday man

  • Reality

    Introducing the scariest squad be like 0:25

  • Eddie Low
    Eddie Low

    Musty: double tap (easy) Meanwhile me in silver: "Okay."

  • Fairoze Peshimam
    Fairoze Peshimam

    Where foir and henkovic?

  • AttYootyy

    Osm didnt eveb ceiling shot lol

  • jlovevidsbro love vids bro
    jlovevidsbro love vids bro

    whats the music for show freestyle

  • ReyPlayz

    All the plats are like I can do a ceiling shot against champs

  • Chloe Whiting
    Chloe Whiting

    Bruh you are so bad

  • Brian Punch
    Brian Punch

    what age are you

  • Maaz Tapal
    Maaz Tapal

    I can score a ground pop flip reset musty That is my best goal In training

  • Yazaan Ikram
    Yazaan Ikram

    What's the name of the song from strat

  • Untitled Man
    Untitled Man

    Imagine missing the ceiling shot, I can do a ceiling shot and I am only a plat...

  • Joshua Parry
    Joshua Parry

    Henko be like: 🖕😟😔

  • clayetheking

    Osm did the flip reset the first time. I am confuzion

  • Ƒazedoℝψ

    OSM hit the reset😠

  • Nash A
    Nash A

    Heyyyyyyyyy gamerssssssssss wasssss uppppppppppp yesssssss sirrrrrrrrrr

  • Evan Vennum
    Evan Vennum

    4:33 every time me and my friend are fs 1v1ing and a nice shot bounces its always "oh no it bounced" never "nice shot"

  • White

    its satisfying how much control they have

  • ZayWyd

    When I saw osm YESSIR

  • Spacebagel


  • gta lover
    gta lover

    The enthusiastic receipt spindly count because typhoon intrahepatically bolt within a fine rayon. combative, numerous moon

  • Migs DoesEverything
    Migs DoesEverything

    Pulse Maktuf: *time to uninstall*

  • Firex

    osm is a really funny guy but when you hear music and no mic you’ll think like he is a serious and dedicated player

  • juanita chavez
    juanita chavez

    no spin tryhard LOL

  • juanita chavez
    juanita chavez

    oms ha battle bus go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Youssef Hey
    Youssef Hey

    0:27 song name?

  • Oscar Fehn
    Oscar Fehn

    When did OSM do the ceiling shot?

  • Andrew Wyland
    Andrew Wyland

    How is a ceiling shit or air dribble classified as easy and a musty classified as intermediate swaped they should be

  • Poojith R
    Poojith R

    Maktuf : I'm retiring from rocket league cause I missed a ceiling shot Me: omg! No way I just scored a straight goal in freeplay.

  • Kristina Cowan
    Kristina Cowan

    osm got the reset on the first one tho

  • VintageAss

    " freestylers": cannot Even do ceiling like the ersiehst Trick ever

  • BLUEBERRY penguin42
    BLUEBERRY penguin42


  • MrKKeyyo Tr
    MrKKeyyo Tr

    we want see FadiRed in this video -----------------------------------------------------

  • YouOnRocketLeague

    OSM got the reset all 4 of his wheels connected with the ball

  • Kristy Smitten
    Kristy Smitten

    Congratulations jakze you are insane!!!!!!!!!

  • void.

    Everyone else: octane, domunis. Osm: FORTNITE FOFNITE YA WE GONNA GET IT ALL NIGHT

  • xSQZY

    Bro osm got the flip

  • cool kid
    cool kid

    Nytro faith be like; *clicking intensifies*

  • cool kid
    cool kid

    Maktuf barely hit the ball for the flip reset lol

  • Jaydog694 Dux
    Jaydog694 Dux

    I’m sorry I can’t because I live in wales so some of the ingredients are not allowed in this country

  • ERT Daven Gaming
    ERT Daven Gaming


  • Benjamin gaming
    Benjamin gaming

    Do Horse with Splash

  • xD Monster
    xD Monster

    basically every freestyler: controller is insane Nytro Faith: keyboard go brrr

  • Pulse Shock
    Pulse Shock

    What about freestyle is that mom approved like ur sponsor

  • Pulse Shock
    Pulse Shock

    Did you notice how every clip when musty said the names and showed clip 4/5 were in game osm’s was in free play XD

  • Yassin Raafat
    Yassin Raafat

    what boost is jakse using

  • TAXiFiye

    maktafs gonna win

  • statichood Johnson
    statichood Johnson

    musty: for the easy shot airdribbles silvers UHMM HOW IS THAT EASY ARE U DUMB? ssl's: *u think its hard because u CaNt tOuCh tHe bAlL*

  • Kerryn Knowles
    Kerryn Knowles

    35$ for G fuel heck no

  • Sander Sinisalu
    Sander Sinisalu

    for real how did OSM eliminated he did the flip reset and if he didnt then this is rocket league fault

  • Gustav Legusto
    Gustav Legusto

    I commented this at 3:00 lol

  • Anonymous lol
    Anonymous lol

    The pancake is in the microwave

  • SNM Bullet
    SNM Bullet

    u never said no bounces for the pancake reset

  • ERT Plasma
    ERT Plasma

    keyboard go click-clack

  • Poepaapje 045
    Poepaapje 045

    Part 2 with 10 freestylers not 5

  • Laurie an leo ORTIZ
    Laurie an leo ORTIZ

    If u did helkovic he would win

  • Minecraft noob
    Minecraft noob

    naskia heeheeheee

  • Christine Cheetham
    Christine Cheetham

    Do a vid about leth Vs you in content

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    this was posted on my bday

  • Ivhan


  • Kenan Kalender
    Kenan Kalender


    • Kenan Kalender
      Kenan Kalender


  • pocket clan
    pocket clan


  • Cold

    They’re messing up because of the anxiety bro I mean I would to😂

  • Flow.

    Wait.. did OSM not do the ceiling shot?

  • Srinikhil Videos
    Srinikhil Videos

    Who else likes the gfuel sponsorship part

  • Kevin KHATER
    Kevin KHATER

    OSM didn’t do the ceiling shot

  • MLG

    its mom approved lmao

  • Ameer 710
    Ameer 710

    Pluse Sam is better then you on rocket league 1v1 him

  • Kaan Bozbay
    Kaan Bozbay

    Nytro faith: i am more like a reset guy, not a double touch Me who cant even drible normaly on ground😐

  • Luke Kwak
    Luke Kwak


  • Luke Kwak
    Luke Kwak

    he got that

  • Kai Evitt
    Kai Evitt

    We're is henkovich

  • Oliver Naul
    Oliver Naul

    does anyone else feel like cryypto sounds like georgenotfound?

  • Gamer4Life

    osm didnot go for cieling shot \

  • Trey Kahrhoff
    Trey Kahrhoff

    youtube is getting real comfy with these two unskipable ads

  • Xivan Lamperouge
    Xivan Lamperouge

    Me: how did u miss faith im disappointed in u Also me: wheres the ball?

  • Gytis Gytauskas
    Gytis Gytauskas

    Can kids even drink gfuel XD because if they can then i Def want some

  • Xivan Lamperouge
    Xivan Lamperouge

    I have a feeling musty is adopted

  • Marc Seiler
    Marc Seiler

    This video is mom aproved

  • Konstantin Kaplan
    Konstantin Kaplan

    OSM did not do a celing shot tho

  • Nicola Weir
    Nicola Weir

    Hi musty