Meet the Top 5 Rocket League Player With 1 Arm
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Today I interview and play against one of the best rocket league 1v1 players in the scene who only has 1 arm. Ashllxyy is a 15 year old from the from Europe and despite all odds, he's managed to make his way to the very top of the 1v1 leaderboard. I wanted to get his name out there and allow him to tell his story. Feel free to give him a follow using the links below!

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  • Lathryx

    Looked more like an advantage to me lmao.

  • Cdm0101

    If he had 2 arms we would all be screwed they would have to make a special rank for the best player

  • 86niisan8686

    ashllxyy you got another fan.... im going to your twitch and yt sign up and enjoy some awesome gameplay! your amazing man! hope you become a big content creator yourself and stay confident to do whatever you want!

  • dæn

    they should give him a title called the handy man

  • Shizu Nazika
    Shizu Nazika

    mans controller wasnt on lmao

  • Krista Ellis
    Krista Ellis

    WhAtEvEr YoU bElIeVe, YoU cAn AcHiEvE- Dhar mann

  • Mag Gaming
    Mag Gaming

    musty flick and speed kickoff

  • Eyad plays roblox
    Eyad plays roblox

    Nobody realises musty got braziled

  • Gabrielcc br
    Gabrielcc br

    when he should be the god of rocket leage but lost his right arm and is top 5 now

  • PimpMacSlickBac

    Where is this dude's signing as a content creator for SSG or NRG? Incredible 1v1s content all day.

  • random vids
    random vids

    Dis manz plays a fricking violin with his controler sheeeeeeeeeeeesh


    Bruh this kid is 10000000 times better that me and I have two arms

  • Neel Bhatye
    Neel Bhatye

    That teenager has 6-7k hours in rl .... wow.just wow.

    • Neel Bhatye
      Neel Bhatye

      @iseeghosts ummmm....oops?

    • iseeghosts

      Pretty sure he said 6 to 7k not 67k

  • Taylor Bethell
    Taylor Bethell

    Musty: let’s go I got a goal, whilst playing against a 15 year old with one arm

  • Starz Unlimited
    Starz Unlimited

    When you realize you have 2 arms

  • Alex Novelli
    Alex Novelli

    So am I the only one that notices his controller isn’t on ?

  • 6ix

    why does his controller have no light or he just turned off the light of his controller

  • ヅThat's capヅ
    ヅThat's capヅ

    is his ctrl off

  • Taichi-John Miller
    Taichi-John Miller


  • super cal
    super cal

    he should go pro

  • lerac 07
    lerac 07

    This guy play better with one arm than me with both arms and 2 years of Training hes a legend❤❤


    That is amazing

  • Crome

    Man this guy is literally can double flip reset me over here who can’t score a open net

  • Crosby cc
    Crosby cc

    wow he should be way more popular

  • Quito Munoz Letham
    Quito Munoz Letham

    hes better than me. thats me using two arms

  • Zep _ Venomous
    Zep _ Venomous

    I play with 2 arms and I’m only silver2

  • Colin Weeks
    Colin Weeks

    My dumbass in bronze with 2 working arms and this man is an ssl with 3/4 of my limbs

  • JesterPlaysYT

    Bad no jo terrible jk disgusting

  • Olaf Carlson
    Olaf Carlson

  • xR1vera

    Title: exists Me: Yep, Rocket League content creators have run out of ideas

  • Zorotoaster 123
    Zorotoaster 123

    This kid is better than justin

  • Fabio

    imagine him with 2 arms...

  • Memes

    Hes top 1

  • Victor Long
    Victor Long

    The secret canvas ultrastructually concern because sunflower complimentarily support down a unsightly condition. humdrum, wrathful attraction

  • *•Diego.吴

    damn this kid has one arm and have’s better settings than rizzo.

  • TheScam_GodZ i
    TheScam_GodZ i

    Is everyone so fuking stopid his controller is off and he’s calling out what to do like shoot save and sht

  • Roefat Savrambekov
    Roefat Savrambekov

    You guys dont understand that this is probably fake 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Asu Shimah
    Asu Shimah

    Respect musty✊

  • Ruben Veenstra
    Ruben Veenstra

    am i the only one who’s sees that his contoller is not on: 15:35

  • ItzMeGurra

    Why is not this guy in Rlcs? CAN ANYONE ANSWER THAT QUESTION?

  • Jeremiah Prado
    Jeremiah Prado

    Do horse with him PLEASE

  • Neha khare
    Neha khare

    lmao musty getting obliterated by ash

  • Alex DeGrace
    Alex DeGrace

    so to be good i have to not use 1 of my arms

  • MeowMeow_Gaming

    Bro This kid should Join NRG

  • Kareem Saleh
    Kareem Saleh

    Wow, we all believe in you bro.

  • Splsah

    Bro he talking and when he talks it moves his chin and HE IS STILL PLAYING GOD LIKE

  • Logan

    Pov it’s Justin he’s cracked at rl my guy

  • Reflection

    His. Controller is not on

  • NotLuc

    I usedyour code and bought the fennec!

  • Truly_motivated yt
    Truly_motivated yt

    What’s the decal ashllxy using like yellow pink and blue

  • Ethan Varghese
    Ethan Varghese

    Look at this man ( not man... just 15..) .. one arm and better than most people in the world at Rocket League... so inspirational. I've grinded at Rocket and i am still at silver. Props to u man 😁

  • Levi Hatcher
    Levi Hatcher

    I went to usa and i saw a kid with 0 arms and hes champ 3

  • Rachel Jardine Demartin
    Rachel Jardine Demartin

    His controller is not on

  • Elagartopocho

    2:00 hell yeah, i always wanted to know how sonic tasted like

  • Picklejuiceyurpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    Can we just take a moment to think if he had two arms he would be unbeatable

  • Christopher Kurzak
    Christopher Kurzak

    that insane

  • Rasmus Zimmer
    Rasmus Zimmer

    Why is his controller turned off?

  • Blaseball7

    Mans only been playing since f2p???

  • Love Trolling
    Love Trolling


  • GXRLA Prod.
    GXRLA Prod.

    14:08 musty gangster almost slipped be he hit us wit the surely

  • Sebastian Rigbolt-Hundborg
    Sebastian Rigbolt-Hundborg

    100$ every time musty blinks…

  • Robby Hallford
    Robby Hallford

    who should be in a team if he’s beating a net member

    • Robby Hallford
      Robby Hallford


  • メjynxkz

    Im plat and i have 1 hand:)

  • Nofachx

    Ask him if hes left or right handed

  • Ghoul Liz
    Ghoul Liz

    i have to arms and am only Diamond 1 xD he is insane

  • adriano Bernucci
    adriano Bernucci

    Blessings 🙏❤️

  • Sulman Ali
    Sulman Ali

    I dont give a crap he is the best player ever better than everyone all top players!!!!!!

  • Evan Bourne
    Evan Bourne

    I can triple tap and i have only played 50 hours

  • EL Flashy
    EL Flashy

    The controller turned off and the car is playing hes not playimg a nother giy has playing for hik

  • 2006 HondaCivic
    2006 HondaCivic

    Bro this guy looks like Harry Hesketh 🤣

  • gytis 123 :D
    gytis 123 :D

    This dude have only 1 arm and play with chin Me both arms playing for 1 year still in plat 2 or 3 and sometimes misses ball like wtf

  • Ana Cervantes
    Ana Cervantes

    Nobody is going to talk how the one arm has his controller off

  • Noisy240

    Bro when musty said he had the ping disadvantage and arm disadvantage my jaw dropped lmao

  • Inne

    Sunless in like 3 days: meet the player that is a tissue and is top 3

  • DaMrNggz

    plot twist he is a robot

  • xSkyward Soulx
    xSkyward Soulx

    If he masters 3v3, imagine him going pro.

  • Kreeqzy


  • Dakshith.Vijay homeschool
    Dakshith.Vijay homeschool

    who tf would unlike this if you did your so god braind dead

  • Tyler

    Just how

  • Tyler

    How does he do this

  • Sinbad The conqueror of the 7 seas
    Sinbad The conqueror of the 7 seas

    anyone noticed his controller aint even turned on???

  • François Fassart
    François Fassart

    With seeing youre video you made my day😀

  • Snow

    Sunless Next week meet the best rocket league player with no limbs

  • L4oa

    He plays with one arm and he is 100x better than me even if i have 3 arms



  • TB_kingdash10

    We all have gotten mad at lag and controller problems (If you have). Watching this video told me that we shouldn't have been mad at these things. We at least have 2 arms to play with.

  • Noah Barthe
    Noah Barthe

    15:36 why is the controller not on?

  • Fred Ojewal
    Fred Ojewal

    This kid is smartttttttt

  • Darwin Dark
    Darwin Dark

    It took me a couple games to learn about ball cam...

  • Marks1x

    Imagine Braziling musty😭

  • Saad Staouni
    Saad Staouni

    in 2022 a guy win against musty wed his feet

  • mystroh

    i wanna see this guy in rlcs that would be so cool

  • Will Brown
    Will Brown

    Can I have 6500 credits I need them

  • IncoQT

    I watched him 1v1 people i thought he was a girl lol cause of his name

  • Mart the Fart
    Mart the Fart

    Musty when he got boost starved: "He had all the advantage on me." Me: "Excuse me...."

  • KaleTornado

    literally how is he doing this

  • Youngboinate _yt
    Youngboinate _yt

    Did anyone notice how his controller is off?

  • Alexander Futó
    Alexander Futó

    His controler is off bro

  • MK

    All this time, I bet I've been losing to 1 armed gods

  • William McMaster
    William McMaster

    What’s the decal ash is using?

    • William McMaster
      William McMaster

      @jaaimme04 bro I think it might be something like Marc by 8s car he might be using a painted dune racer

    • jaaimme04

      bro i want to know it too. if u discover how is called tell me pls